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St-Rémy is a French brandy label and distillery owned by the major spirits company Rémy Cointreau.

The original distillery was established in 1886 by Paul-Emile Rémy Martin II, near Nantes in the former commune of Machecoul that is now part of Machecoul-Saint-Même. Paul-Emile was a descendent of Rémy Martin of the eponymous Cognac house, and established his distillery in Machecoul because of the damage phylloxera had done in the vineyards of Charente, the region encompassing Cognac. The most important variety in St-Rémy's more than century long history has been Folle Blanche, a common brandy grape.

The distillery didn't release its first commercial brandy until 1917, but was quickly able to take the brand international. It began exporting to the rest of Europe in the 1920s and further abroad beginning with Canada in 1967. Major markets for the brand today include Canada, Scandinavia and recently, Vietnam.

St-Rémy mainly has a reputation as a value French brandy however it has multiple tiersRichotRémy Cointreau. of quality and price. The majority of its offerings are double distilled in column stills with only the premium line being pot distilled. Because of vineyard locations, St-Rémy does not make Cognac or Armagnac or brandy from any named appellation, instead all of its bottles simply declare it as French brandy.