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KENTASTE Coconut Flour - 500g

KES 449.00

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To produce Kentaste Coconut Flour, we dry the fresh coconut kernel, expel the oil via cold press and then grind the remaining cake into a delicious, mildly flavored, baking powder. Voila, ready for your muffins, pancakes,
breads and chapatis. Enjoy!


Gluten Free
Our Coconut Flour is naturally, automatically gluten free. No processing or chemicals required to get it that way, that’s just how great the coconut is.

More Protein
Kentaste Coconut Flour contains about 5x the protein, per serving, as traditional wheat flour. Extra protein = amazing.

More Dietary Fiber
Kentaste Coconut Flour contains about 8x the dietary, per serving, as traditional wheat flour. So much fiber has never tasted this good.

Vegan Friendly
Nuff said. No animals (or anything even close to an animal) was utilized in this product.

Paleo and Keto Friendly
Whether you want to go full caveman or just like to keep the carbs low, Kentaste Coconut Flour is diet approved.

Super Flexible
Kentaste Coconut Flour can be used in all the same recipes as traditional flour, in both sweet and savory dishes, so you can always add a little more healthy value to your foods with no extra effort.