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BOOCH Raw Kombucha Flavoured 300ml

KES 225.00

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Booch is a healthy alternative to juice, soda or coffee. It is a raw kombucha made with 100% Kenyan ingredients. Kombucha is a non-alcoholic cultured tea that contains healthy probiotics, amino acids, and vitamins which aid digestion, detoxify your liver, and boost your immunity. Booch does not pasteurize our kombucha and we only use fresh ingredients to offer the best health benefits and taste. Booch can be taken on its own, or mixed with alcohol or sparkling water.
Strawberry, Lemon, Ginger, Thyme - Fresh and fruity with a hint of herbs
Raspberry, Ginger - Fresh and fruity with a hint of ginger
Blueberry, Ginger - Fresh and fruity with a hint of ginger
Elderflower - Sweet and tangy, a great cocktail  mixer. 
Mango, Chili - Sweet with a hint of spice - a great cocktail mixer!
Passion, Baobab - Tangy and refreshing!

  • ●  Kombucha is a delicious beverage! Booch is a raw, natural kombucha made from 100% Kenyan ingredients.

  • ●  It starts with a sweet tea that is cultured in a clean environment using a SCOBY which eats the sugar and leaves behind healthy vitamins, acids, and probiotics. It is then infused with fresh fruit and ginger to add

    flavor and a bit of fizz.

  • ●  Kombucha’s living cultures are known to help aid digestion and boost immunity.

  • ●  It dates back to 221 BC in China and East Asia, and has regained popularity across the world as a delicious,

    healthy beverage.

  • ●  It is a living beverage packed with millions of probiotics and healthy vitamins (particularly B vitamins and

    vitamin C) and acids (glucuronic acid, gluconic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid, malic acid and usnic


  • ●  Due to its live nature, you may find strands of healthy culture. This is a good sign that the product is living and

    active after being bottled so it offers all of the health benefits of a raw, natural kombucha

  • How should I drink it? Should it be fizzy?

    • ●  You can enjoy Booch on its own, in a mocktail, or even a cocktail!

    • ●  As a fermented, live beverage, Booch must be kept cold at all times.

    • ●  Though it’s fermented, it has <.5% alcohol (similar to fresh juice). The effervescence in Booch products is

      100% naturally occurring and can vary from batch to batch and bottle to bottle.

    • ●  Unlike soda, the effervescence actually increases over time; therefore fresher product tends to be on the

      quieter side.

    • ●  The quality and benefits are still present in our Kombucha even if the effervescence is not.