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  • Product Description

    • Mint Ice Cream with Chocolatey Chunks (10%)
    • Ben & Jerry's mint ice cream with chocolatey chunks. There’s nothing cooler and more refreshing than mint and chocolate — no matter the season! Ben & Jerry’s Minter Wonderland ice cream is the perfect treat for cuddling up next to the fire and thinking about all you're exciting winter plans.
    • Every scoop is chock-full of tingly, minty freshness studded with chocolatey chunks that know it’s hip to be cool. Minter Wonderland is a flavour that plays it colder than ice — a peppermint that knows it has panache, especially since it hangs out with all of those great-looking chocolatey chunks. One thing this minty-fresh flavour doesn’t do is turn a cold shoulder to a spoon in need of a scoop. The moment you need it, this festively fresh flavour offers up all of its chocolatey chunks to satisfy your dessert craving —or simply keep you company while the winter wind howls outside. And according to Ben (yes, that Ben), the First Law of Ice Cream Eating Dynamics states that you can actually warm up by eating something cold, as it lowers your inner body temp so you feel more at one with the frosty temps outside. We say: whatever it takes! Either way, we predict you’ll be spooning your way to a Minter Wonderland sometime very soon.
    • Ben & Jerry’s Minter Wonderland ice cream is made Fairtrade Certified sugar, vanilla, and cocoa, and comes in responsibly sourced packaging. So, you can feel extra good about every minty bite
    • Ben & Jerry's Minter Wonderland ice cream tub
    • Ben & Jerry's mint ice cream with chocolatey chunks
    • Ben & Jerry’s ice cream operates on a three-part mission that aims to create linked prosperity for everyone connected to our business
    • Ben & Jerry's includes Fairtrade certified cocoa, sugar, and vanilla in this ice cream tub snack
    • Ben & Jerry's Kosher certified dessert
    • Ben & Jerry’s uses responsibly sourced packaging for this tub of ice cream
    • Pack size: 465ML



    Cream (MILK) (30%), water, condensed skimmed MILK, sugar, coconut fat, free range EGG yolk, fat-reduced cocoa powder, natural peppermint flavouring, stabilisers (guar gum, carrageenan), MILK fat, emulsifier (SOY lecithins), vanilla extract. > Sugar, cocoa, vanilla: mass balance is used to match Fairtrade sourcing, total 20%F. FVisit